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Ryan James AuzaRyan James Auza
08:37 28 Jun 24
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I recently completed 10 sessions at Lifespring Chiropractic and Scoliosis Clinic for my chronic sciatica, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Having been to another clinic before, I can confidently say that Lifespring is superior in every way. The treatment, especially under the care of Dr. Stephen Thwaites, was not only more effective but also more affordable compared to other clinics.The clinic's location is very accessible, with convenient parking spaces nearby, making each visit hassle-free. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring. I highly recommend Lifespring Chiropractic and Scoliosis Clinic to anyone seeking relief from chronic pain or other chiropractic needs.
Geralin VillafuerteGeralin Villafuerte
06:49 24 Jun 24
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!I'm pleased to share that my scoliosis treatment experience was incredibly positive. The staff at the facility was exceptionally friendly, which made me feel so comfortable and supported throughout my treatment journey. After completing the treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in how I felt physically, which was truly uplifting. The combination of effective treatment and a warm, welcoming environment truly made a difference in my overall experience. I'm grateful for the care I received and the positive impact it had on my well being.THANKYOU SO MUCH!
Roberto Miguel OrquinaRoberto Miguel Orquina
14:09 15 Jun 24
Definitely a good place to cure your muscle and spasm ailments👍
Richard TanRichard Tan
05:12 18 May 24
Very convenient place in the city, ample parking and clean clinic. It's my place to go to get a tuneup.
Ma Teresa CaputeMa Teresa Capute
03:14 18 May 24
My husband is been seeing doc since 2021 by that time he is in a very bad shape couldn't walk at he's first visit to doc he needs a wheelchair. Amazingly after few visit he's done a lot better so he become a regular customer untill now May 2024 and then I decided to joined so both na me customer ni Doc. Doc is very friendly and also he's staff so you'll feel very comfortable in your visits. So I highly recommend CEBU LIFESPRING CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC.
Angelika DesidillaAngelika Desidilla
07:57 01 May 24
This was my second visit ever to a Chiropractor and I will admit I was a little nervous, but everyone was very friendly and Dr. Steven was awesome! He explained everything to me and made me feel so much better after.
Arra SorianoArra Soriano
17:18 21 Apr 24
Went on a short vacation at Cebu and my Lower back pain was in pain. I saw LifeSpring at a social media platform with highly praised reviews hence tried his service. It did not disappoint. After first session, back pain was relieved. Staffs were very accommodating and Dr. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and comfortable to talk with. I hope i could do more sessions with him since I am an OFW and only visits cebu occasionally. Highly Recommended! 🙂
Althea PrecheAlthea Preche
06:52 25 Mar 24
I had chronic back pain and occasional knee pain as well, I tried a lot of home remedy and massage but the effect does not last. I can feel the relief after the first session.Plus the staff and Dr. Stephen is so accommodating🥰
Anjie AnireAnjie Anire
23:33 22 Mar 24
1year ago I've been suffering a disk herniation, L4-L5 and L5-S1 that causes a Sciatica pain, 6 months ago I was diagnosed with dextroscoliosis that causes me a very painful experience on my lower back. I decided to visit Lifespring Chiropractic Clinic were i search on google, a few weeks later I meet Dr. Stephen Thwaites. Thier premises is very clean, relaxing, and comfortable, the staff are very accomodating, friendly and helpful. During on my treatment each session were very satisfying that help reduces the pain I felt for the past few months.. Im very thankful to Dr. Thwaites for all the kindness and patient he had for me, I highly recommend this Clinic becuase of the wonderful experience I ever Had..To God all be the glory...💖Godbless
Minnie CrisostomoMinnie Crisostomo
04:32 19 Mar 24
My husband's back pain and sciatica is now gone. Thank you!
Christian EvalarozaChristian Evalaroza
03:21 19 Mar 24
In year 2021, I thought that I could never walk properly again due to sciatica with hip bone misalignment. It is painful and I'm losing faith that I could recover. I Googled Chiropractor and showed a clinic where Dr. Stephen was working before which was at the Henry Hotel Banilad. With his skills and experience, I was able to walk properly again. His acupuncture treatment works really well on my condition. I would recommend Dr. Stephen and Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic if you have back pain and wants to have it treated. The staff are amazing too and very accommodating. 6/5 stars rating for me.
02:09 13 Mar 24
I’m very happy that I found this place. During my travels my back and hips started to hurt very bad. I also had problems with the ileosacralic joint. It was so bad that I thought I would have to end my vacation earlier. But after two treatments in this clinic the back pain got so much better, the pain in my hips is gone now.The stuff is also very nice and always friendly, what makes you feel very comfortable.
Clarine DavisClarine Davis
06:24 08 Mar 24
Dr. Stephen 👨‍⚕️is an excellent chiropractor that provides effective and immediate treatment for my neck pain. All staffs are accommodating and made my visits more comfortable.I was so grateful for Dr. Stephen and his clinic for the exceptional service that has improved for my well being. This clinic is highly recommendable 💯/💯.
Mehdi SarwariMehdi Sarwari
09:40 23 Feb 24
Loved the experienceVery helpful, warm and welcoming staff
Paul ViezeePaul Viezee
05:32 23 Feb 24
Kenny WulfKenny Wulf
09:11 22 Feb 24
Dr. really knows the anatomy of the body and is a master at his craft. Iv been to many chiropractors in the states and none of them were as skilled as Dr. Stephan. I had Tmj issues and he realigned my jaw, neck and even did acupuncture to relieve muscle tension. You can tell he really cares for his patients and goes above and beyond to help you heal.
Ramon Kim TiuRamon Kim Tiu
08:15 08 Feb 24
If you have uneven shoulders and experiencing shoulder pains just like mine, Dr. Stephen can definitely help you.
Chim Joseph SaleraChim Joseph Salera
01:34 02 Feb 24
I had the pleasure of receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Stephen J. Thwaites at this clinic, and the experience was truly exceptional. Dr. Thwaites's expertise and commitment to patient well-being were evident throughout my visit. His personalized approach and in-depth knowledge made me feel confident in the care I was receiving. The clinic's overall service, coupled with Dr. Thwaites's exceptional skills, has made it my go-to choice for chiropractic needs. Highly recommend his services for anyone seeking a skilled and caring chiropractor.
Efrille PozonEfrille Pozon
03:02 31 Jan 24
I’ve been suffering my neck pain for almost years, what i did to minimize the pain was to go for a massage every now and then, but the pain keeps coming back, and feels uncomfortable for me, Luckily this clinic appears to my newsfeed while i was using my social media. I booked and appointment and then after my 3rd season i feel very well, my neck pain was almost gone,Dr.Stephen was very professional,the staff was friendly.Thank you Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic.
Munro Craig-HallamMunro Craig-Hallam
07:59 30 Jan 24
Great place for all Chiro needs. Dr Stephen is very professional and friendly. Has a lot of great moves to correct your spine. I had a very deep problem in my left shoulder blade and rib cage from a weight lifting injury that he healed from a very professional technique only the best Chiros know about. Best in the Philippines ✨
Pia Jovenni BatulanPia Jovenni Batulan
08:18 28 Jan 24
Been suffering of mild back pain since I was in elementary, until I found out last 2019 that i have an acute scoliosis thru an x-ray. Every time I lift something heavy, my back automatically hurts. Then I gave birth to my daughter, the pain on my middle back became worse and it goes down on the back part, gladly my friend introduced me to a professional Chiropractor Dr. Stephen Thwaites.After my first session, theres an instant relief on my back pain, and I was amazed that my posture has became better. Then went for my second session, every snap on my back is a feeling of relief, I even felt a little taller. Dr. Thwaites is very kin on asking questions about my back pain, and how I am feeling afterwards. Cant really wait for my 3rd session! Also they are so accommodating, his assistants are very kind & approachable. So don’t hesitate to book an appointment with them!Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic Clinic, is one of the best here in Cebu.
Shehanneh Deah NuñezShehanneh Deah Nuñez
06:51 12 Jan 24
My mom and I came to Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic Clinic seeking relief from persistent leg, neck, and back pain. The staff here is very friendly and accommodating, making our visits comfortable. The clinic's aesthetic and inviting atmosphere adds to the overall positive experience. Dr. Stephen is an excellent chiropractor, providing effective and personalized care. Grateful for the exceptional service that has improved our well-being. We wholeheartedly recommend Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic Clinic – a perfect 10 out of 10! The exceptional service, friendly & accommodating staff, and Dr. Stephen's expertise make it a top-notch choice for anyone seeking quality healthcare.
Jeffrey AdamsJeffrey Adams
06:45 29 Dec 23
This guy is like a magician I went in first time my back was killing me in 5-10 minutes He fixed it when I leave it was 80 or 90% betterNo pain at all slightly sore but it was 8 1/2 on a one to 10 pain scale when I walked out May be a 1 on 1 to 10 scale
Wayne IrvineWayne Irvine
04:46 30 Nov 23
Been in the Philipines for 2 years nowFinally found a chiropractor .Feel so much better nowAfter only one session I feel younger
Edward BelacseEdward Belacse
08:42 23 Nov 23
Life changing
I've been coming here for a bit over a year.As someone with chronic pain with no option for guaranteed pain relief from surgery, getting my treatments done once in a while has been incredibly helpful.Staff and Doc was so nice and are always accommodating.Its always a pleasant experience when I come.Location is quite accessible and there's parking most of the time.
04:46 04 Nov 23
Dr. Stephen was amazing and helped me a lot with my back-pain. And he got a lovely and friendly staffs. A highly recommended chiropractor, 11/10
Michael RR MiqueMichael RR Mique
10:54 25 Oct 23
Thank you cebu lifespring. My back pain is gone for 2weeks now. Now i can go back to my normal ang healthy life. Playing my hobbies. And also to the approachable and beautiful assistants of dr stephen. Thank you so much. Highly recommended for all who have scoliosis with back pain.😇😉
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Stephen J. Thwaites at LIFESPRING CHIROPRACTIC AND SCOLIOSIS CLINIC for chiropractic treatment, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results and overall experience.From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and professional. They made the entire process seamless, from scheduling my appointment to the moment I left the clinic. The atmosphere is calming, and you can tell they genuinely care about their patients' well-being.Dr. Stephen J. Thwaites is an absolute expert in his field. He took the time to thoroughly assess my condition. What impressed me the most was his dedication to a holistic approach to wellness, not just a quick fix. I felt like he truly wanted to address the root cause of my issues.The sessions themselves were not only effective but also surprisingly comfortable. Dr. Thwaites has skillful techniques that immediately eased my pain and improved my mobility. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant reduction in my discomfort.I can't thank him and his team enough for the positive impact they've had on my overall well-being. If you're considering chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Stephen J. Thwaites at CEBU LIFESPRING CHIROPRACTIC AND SCOLIOSIS CLINIC. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern for their patients set them apart. I'm now on the road to feeling better than ever, and it's all thanks to their exceptional care.Thank you, Dr. Thwaites, and the entire team at CEBU LIFESPRING CHIROPRACTIC AND SCOLIOSIS CLINIC for making such a positive difference in my life!
Guilbert Joy CanalesGuilbert Joy Canales
10:27 06 Oct 23
I’ve been coming in this clinic for about a year now. Brought my husband and cousin here also. The chiropractor is very professional and he knows what he was doing. The ladies at the front desk are accommodating and approachable. They will immediately respond to your queries thru calls and msgs. Will definitely recommend this to friends and families
Eric SchotanusEric Schotanus
16:57 04 Oct 23
I am 60 years old, come from the Netherlands and immigrated to the Philippines last year.In my life I have had to use chiropractic care quite a lot because I suffer a lot from back pain and neck pain.Just funny: I was looking for the recently opened Indian restaurant Winnia (also highly recommended if you like Indian food) and saw an advertising sign for a chiropractor along the road.I was curious and called them for an appointment and I was able to come in the next day.What immediately caught my attention was that Dr. Steven listens carefully to your problem, but more importantly, the calmness that this man has. You feel comfortable, which makes you relaxed, which benefits the treatment.And the result was also great, the back and neck were treated excellently and the pain was much less the next day.Despite living in Negros, I will come back here in the future. Dr. Steven will be my chiropractor.
Claudio RaminiClaudio Ramini
04:32 27 Sep 23
I broke two roots of my brachial plexus due to a car accident 13 years ago. Therefore, I’m not able to move my right arm completely.After the first session, I feel less discomfort to raise it up. After every session (did 3 sessions so far), my body feels very relaxed and more in tune. My emotional state has also benefited, feeling more at ease.Thank you to Dr. Stephen and his team for their gentleness and professionalism!
Florencia LimFlorencia Lim
03:41 27 Sep 23
I used to have lower back pain while walking or standing for a long time. After 1 session, it has not occurred ever since.I used to have my left shoulder a bit frozen with difficulty to reach my back. After 2 sessions, it improved well that I can reach again the bra line. The same left shoulder also used to have difficulty to reach things over my head. After 3 sessions, the pain has reduced significantly.What a wonderful healing recovery! I love also the combination of acupuncture with the chiropract session. Thank you to Dr. Stephen and his team for a job well done. Keep it up!
09:40 26 Sep 23
This is my first time having this experienced and I can say it was the best, the Doctor was so kind and gentle and even the assistance are so good. I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
11:07 22 Sep 23
I came here to addressed my lower back problem. Luckily, I got into this clinic which has the best doctor. Thank you so much Dr. Thwaites 🥰
gilmay ajerogilmay ajero
23:03 21 Sep 23
Dr. Stephen is really great because my lower back pain disappeared and it feels like magic. There staff also is so friendly and has a good customer service. I would highly recommend Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic to everyone. Thank you.
Roger Mac HadoRoger Mac Hado
23:05 19 Sep 23
Very good, went there with lots of neckband lower back problems and it was a very good experience, love it .
Carmela Rose AsinguaCarmela Rose Asingua
12:27 14 Sep 23
I finished my five sessions a week ago. My experience at this facility has been amazing!!I injured my right shoulder while playing volleyball, and Dr. Thwaites assisted me in recuperating and returning to play. Dr. Thwaites made certain that I could speak openly to him about the pain that I'd been experiencing for nearly two weeks. Thanks to this doctor for being so approachable, polite, and nice!!Additionally, there will be no dead air in your conversation because everyone there is so kind and approachable. They are extremely welcoming and accommodating, which is what I appreciated about the premises. They took great care to ensure that I was at ease at the clinic.I will definitely recommend this clinic! They handled every matter with professionalism. 😊
Pacita Natalia BaumPacita Natalia Baum
01:50 08 Sep 23
Done with my 10 sessions and i feel so much better. Thanks doc.
03:34 07 Sep 23
So amazing, The staff are super kind and always smiling. Even though they are very tired, they still smile. The customer is great, especially the doc is smiling and approachable. More customers to come. It's better than the way you feel in the sessions, you feel like you're someone hehe. God bless doc, The staff out there.
Jody KimblerJody Kimbler
07:48 02 Sep 23
Amazing, amazing amazing.
Ruth FuentesRuth Fuentes
04:33 02 Sep 23
Great doctor and very accommodating & friendly receptionists. Highly recommended Chiropractic clinic in Cebu!!!My husband suggested this clinic that also helped his body pain issues. Grateful to have treatment sessions with Dr. Thwaites which really helped ease my Back pains that bothered me so much for over 2 weeks.Overall, I had an excellent experience with Lifespring Chiropractic and Scoliosis Clinic and would definitely visit again.
Romeo UlanRomeo Ulan
03:12 29 Aug 23
Staff are very friendly and accommodating as well as the Doctor himself. It really helps with my back and shoulder pain.
Richard TanRichard Tan
08:10 25 Aug 23
Brought my wife to this place due to her sciatica. After a few sessions, she feels way better. Now he's been my chiropractor for a year, and the whole staff has been terrific. I love the treatments and as a golfer, I highly recommend the regular adjustments. Plus he also does accu-puncture. Appointments are Easy to book, no hassles. Location is right in the heart of the city.
evah mae tugahanevah mae tugahan
06:56 25 Aug 23
Finger heart to the staff because they are really friendly, polite and they make sure that you are comfortable. To Doctor Stephen, he always make sure that your visit in their clinic is worth it. Also, the way they organize their schedules in every patient is superb. All in all, this is very higly recommended clinic. Plus points nalang ang pagka pinangga kay basta customer nga taga layo (like me) pabalikon pa inig ka Sunday bisan wala silay clinic. Thank you so much Lifespring Chiropractic and Scoliosis Clinic!
Kenneth John LacreKenneth John Lacre
05:15 22 Aug 23
My experience here was great and I'm no longer having any crumps on my shoulder and I'm very grateful to have an appointment on your clinic as well as the politeness of the staffs...-ROBERTO L. CELESTE
alvin acuzaralvin acuzar
01:49 21 Aug 23
Over just six sessions, I've witnessed remarkable transformations in my overall well-being. Thanks to their expert chiropractic care, my back pain has eased, and my posture has noticeably improved. The clinic's pristine and serene environment enhances the therapeutic experience, making each visit a true pleasure. Dr. Stephen’s warm and approachable demeanor fosters open communication, making the entire process comfortable. Their expertise and personalized approach have been instrumental in driving my significant progress. For a blend of effective and compassionate care, this chiropractic clinic stands out as an outstanding option.
Linn ResusLinn Resus
06:03 17 Aug 23
Gemingaw na jud ko pa therapy.. Anyways,I was diagnosed with thoracic dextroscoliosis last 2019. I didn't expect this because I thought I was fine. I accidentally took a chest x-ray and found that I had it... It was like my world had collapsed. Pandemic came maong na prolonged ahong medication.. The pain in my back is severe... From spine mo saka padong O permi jud magsakit ahong O... Yes, I am always in pain because of this thoracic dextroscoliosis... E agi ra nahug hilot to relieve the pain. Luckily, I saw this page Cebu Lifespring Chiropractic on Facebook. I messaged this page. Maybe it can help with my problem (scoliosis). Thank you Dr. Stephen Thwaites ni gaan2 na jud ahong paminaw second session pa laman naa nay progress..Highly Recommended ❗
It's worth trying & get relieved after my 3days sessions from my neck to shoulder line unbearable pain. I cant sleep & cant barely lift my arm due to unpleasant freezing pain. I undergone Xray & took pain reliever but only Chiro gave me a sound & comfortable sleep with Dr. Stephen👍
Shanie Mae SandiganShanie Mae Sandigan
07:19 08 Aug 23
Very Friendly and Hospitable Staff✨ I highly recommend Dr. Stephen best chiropractor, very accommodating and professional. Chiropractic really helps me with my lower back and neck pain. 👍 i suggest you should visit them now if you feel that pain.


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